Lunch and Recess


12:00 - 1:00 PM

Lunch is from 12noon until 1:00pm. Students arepermitted to have lunch at home. Students in Kindergarten, first andsecond grades will have recess from 12noon until 12:30pm. Their lunchperiod is from 12:30pm until 1:00pm. Students in grades three, four andfive have lunch from 12noon until 12:30pm, then take recess from 12:30pmuntil 1:00pm.

While the majority of studentseat at school daily, students who choose to go home for lunch arerequested to follow this procedure:

  1. Submit to school a signed note giving your child permission for daily lunch at home. No child will be allowed to leave without the signed permission note
  2. Do not allow your child to return to school until 1:00pm.
    Lunch should be brought to school daily, unless ordered one week in advance. If a child comes to school without lunch, or an ordered lunch, the nurse will have crackers available. Failure to have a lunch more than three times, results in parental notification.

If your child mustphysically limit recess activities, a doctor's note is required.                       

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