Gro Program

GRO - The Gifted Reach-Out Program

Mrs. Dasti &Ms. Cave




Welcome to a very large family of parents, students,teachers, and administrators who strive to ensure that students whodemonstrate outstanding ability are helped to make the most of theirunique talents and capabilities. This year will be full of hands onexperiences that will be fun as well as challenging.

GRO Philosophy:

The mission of our Gifted Reach-OutProgram is to improve student achievement by supporting teaching andlearning in the classroom. Differentiation of curriculum focuses onexpanding, extending, and enhancing learning opportunities beyond theexploration level of the regular classroom curriculum.

Program Features: (Differentiated Instruction)

- Accelerated or advanced content
- More complex understandings ofgeneralizations, principles, theories, and the structure of the contentarea
- Abstract concepts and thought processes or skills
- Appropriation of longer/shorter time span for learning
- Generating new information and/or products
Transfer of learning to new/different disciplines, situations
- Development of personal growth and sophistication in attitudes, appreciations, feeling, and intuition
- Independence of thought and study

Parental Role:

The parents' role is to model the importance of education. Athome, parents should continue to encourage the love of reading, developan acceptance of responsibilities and the enjoyment of accomplishments.Teaching respect and self-worth are the keys to successful life-longexperiences.

Testing for the Gifted Reach Out Program

Parents of current first graders and children new to the districtinterested in having their child tested for the district’s giftedprogram (GRO) should send a written response no later than November 25,2015 to their child’s classroom teacher. Testing for those eligible willbegin in December and results will be mailed home over winter break. Inconjunction with GRO testing, teacher and parent evaluations areconsidered in determining student eligibility. Current kindergartnersinterested in the program will be tested in December 2016. Please sendrequests next year to the appropriate first grade teacher.

The GRO program provides enrichment for students who havedemonstrated high capabilities. The work presented is above grade leveland is rigorous. Children are expected to fulfill their regularclassroom and GRO proficiencies during the year.


Enjoy the year!

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