Third Grade

Mrs. Gentile, Mrs. Hemenway,  and
Mrs. Napeloni

Here is an overview of our school year....


Third Grade Math is fun, but we have to practice, practice, and practice! During the year we learn about addition and subtraction to the thousands, interpreting data, multiplication, division, fractions, time,measurement, and geometry. 

Language Arts: 

We cover the following topics in our Reading Units of Study: Building a Reading Life,  Mystery Books, Reading to Learn, Character Studies, and Research Clubs. Students will read a variety of literature throughout the year. We cover the following topics in our Writing Units of Study: Crafting True Stories, Information Writing, Opinion Writing, and Fairy Tales. Students will be able to experiment with a variety of writing styles this year.    


The third grade Science curriculum at Littleton is focused particularly on Engineering, Earth and Space, Physical Science, and Life Science. Students will be able to participate in science labs and a variety of hands on activities throughout the year

Social Studies: 

In Social Studies, we focus on several different areas. These include studying government, citizenship, Early American people, and an emphasis on map and globe skills with particular attention to directions and the ability to locate specific places. We also focus on learning about the history, land forms, and counties in New Jersey. In addition we explore rural, urban, and suburban communities in depth.


We also have a comprehensive Health curriculum in third grade.  We learn about the three parts of Health:  Family/social, emotional, and physical; Our Body Systems; and Dental Health.


Mrs. Gentile:
 Headphones/earbuds. (Dollar Store brand OK)

 5 Marble Composition Notebook

 5 Plastic 2-Pocket folders 

 1 Soft Pencil Case

Mrs. Hemenway:
 Headphones/earbuds. (Dollar Store brand OK)

Three Marble Composition Notebook

 One 1-subject spiral notebook

 Five sturdy 2-pocket folders (any color or design)

One soft pencil case (No Boxes)

2 Packages of Post-it Notes (3x3)

Mrs. Napeloni:
 Headphones/earbuds. (Dollar Store brand OK)

 Three Marble Composition Notebooks

 One 1 Subject Spiral Notebook

 Five sturdy 2-pocket folders (any color or design)

 One soft pencil case (no boxes)

Two packages of Post-It Notes (3x3)

There are always some special projects going on during the year, so be on the lookout for more information as the year continues.                  

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